The Chatter Cannon is a powerful machine gun designed for space combat. It deals heavy hull damage at a high rate of fire but does minimal damage on shields.

Store DescriptionEdit

The following text is copied from in-game. Typos and inconsistencies preserved.

*Fast Rate of Fire

*Heavy Hull Damage

Once again the stars echo with the repetitive bangs of machine-gun fire. Developed by Phobos Proprietary Systems, the Chatter Cannon propels slugs of uranium-titanium at high speed towards the target. Firing every 10th of a second, the Chatter Cannon can dish out a severe amount of damage in a short period of time. The slugs inflict minimal damage to a ship’s shields but are devastating against ship hulls.

Notes Edit

  • One of the best strategies with the Chatter Cannon is to take out the target's shields with a different weapon and then switch to the Cannon to finish them off.
  • The Ammo Hold system increases the Chatter Cannon's total ammo count to 937 bullets.

Trivia Edit

  • The Chatter Cannon is the only non-missile/rocket/sapper weapon in the game to have limited ammunition.


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